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Advanced harmony tastefully done

Pete Jinks has been writing his own tunes since he first began playing guitar more than 40 years ago. He studied electric guitar and bass at London's prestigious Institute of Contemporary Music Performance.

The driving force behind exploratory outfit Errol Nomad and the Random Tandem, Pete's original compositions have been professionally recorded in various UK studios. However, they remained a carefully hidden secret while Pete followed his career in business administration. The Miscellany compilation of Errol Nomad tracks includes a selection from material recorded between 1999 and 2014. At that time, the goal was often to present musician friends with a puzzle to solve - using their improvisational skills after limited prior rehearsal opportunity, then editing the results during post-production.

Since 2017 Pete Jinks has written more than a thousand new short tunes. Around half of those have so far been released on more than forty albums under his own name, for streaming and download through the usual channels. This all-original instrumental material features several different lead instruments in various popular styles, including rock, country, jazz, Latin, funk, and EDM genres. Many of Pete's tunes get regularly chosen by users of popular video making apps to accompany their upload content. Additionally, more than 70 of the most tranquil of Pete's tunes have been adopted internationally for business overhead radio, for use in shops, bars and restaurants.

Pete has also been developing a few orchestral ideas, although those largely remain works in progress at this time.

Beyond his musical pursuits, Pete has curated more than 50,000 images onto nearly 500 Pinterest boards - link provided - many of which (unsurprisingly) have strong music or creative arts themes. Hint: in Google Chrome use the three vertical dots to access the zoom feature and make adjustments to see smaller images when selecting a board, then larger images when viewing a chosen board. 

Uplifting instrumental tunes

Example of work in progress